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Classic Detective Novels

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Classic Detectives

Anthony Boucher

Fredric Brown

James M. Cain

Raymond Chandler

Stanley Ellin

Earle Stanley Gardener

Dashiell Hammett

Chester Himes

John D. MacDonald

Ross MacDonald

Ellery Queen

Jack Ritchie

Rex Stout

Jim Thompson

Charles Williford

Cornell Woolrich

Dorothy L. Sayers

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Philip Marlow and Company:
The Classic Detective Novels  

Note: my own reading of these classic detective novels was sparked by a wonderful article in American Heritage Magazine, by Lawrence Block called "The Mystery Story" (July-Aug 1993). Get a copy if you can, because it's terrific.

In the list below, I've marked with a gold star the selections that Block lists as being favorites. You can't go wrong with anything on the list! Note: some are out of print, or on back order.You can backorder them, or try your local library.

Anthony Boucher(1911-68)

more by Anthony Boucher

Fredric Brown (1906-72)
Murder Can Be Fun
The Fabulous Clipjoint
The Screaming Mimi
The Night of the Jabberwock
The Wench is Dead oop
more by Fredric Brown

James M. Cain (1892-1977)
The Postman Always Rings Twice
Double Indemnity

Ramond Chandler
Farewell, My Lovely
The Big Sleep
The Long Good-bye
The Little Sister
The High Window
The Lady in the Lake

Stanley Ellin (1916-86)
the short stories
The Eigth Circle
more by Stanley Ellin

Erle Stanley Gardener (1889-1970)
The Case of the Sulky Girl (Perry Mason)
All the Selby novels
All the other Masons

Dashiell Hammett (1894-1961)
The Maltese Falcon
The Continental Op
more by Dashiell Hammett

Chester Himes (1909-84)
Cotton Comes to Harlem
Blind Man with a Pistol
more by Chester Himes

John D. MacDonald (1916-86)
The Deep Blue Goodby
One More Sunday
The End of the Night
One Monday We Killed Them All
("Start with The Deep Blue Goodby and read them all in order"-Block)

Ross MacDonald (1915-83)
The Doomsters
The Galton Case
The Far Side of the Dollar
The Drowning Pool
The Wycherly Woman

Ellery Queen
The Greek Coffin Mystery oop
The Chinese Orange Mystery
Calamity Town
Ten Days' Wonder
Cat of Many Tails oop

Jack Ritchie (1922-83) alll the short stories

Rex Stout (1886-1975) all

Jim Thompson (1906-76)
The Grifters
The Killer Inside Me
Pop. 1280
The Getaway

Charles Willeford (1919-88)
Miami Blues

Cornell Woolrich (1903-68)
The Bride Wore Black

This is what I'm supposed to be doing when I'm reading instead.

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